The celebration of connection

This collection is inspired by the many ancient tribes had with their gods, with the help of a variety of plants which were dried then  crushed and or burned then mixed with other ingredients such as crushed shells, nuts and or tobacco they would snuff (inhale) through their nostrils using special instruments intricately carved out of wood or bone, once inhaled the person would enter a kind of hypnotic trance.

Anadenanthera peregrina also known as cohoba, yopo parica or calcium tree is native Caribbean and south America.  the Cohoba ritual a sacred ceremony preformed by Taino tribe was always officiated  by The Behique (the tribes chief) he would use the ritual to seek healing, gives, convey messages and seek peace for his people

That connection with the Gods helped keep the balance in their society, they felt one with their surroundings and ensured that violence against each other was non existent. Respect , tolerance and love was what kept them going .