About Us

Ekuaaddo is an Afrocentric and pluricultural fabric company that creates ready to wear and alternative style garments and accessories.

We find inspiration through the infusion of Colombian, Caribbean and Ghanaian cultural elements in telling our stories through Batik, Kente weaving, screen printing and many other multiple fabric expressions.

We pride ourselves in bringing to life the past, which was told through stories by our ancestors and passed down from generation to generation.

Family, Heritage and Tradition are what keeps the band together, ensuring that stories of the past will become your present to share with those around you.

Fabrics That Speak


Our vision is to become a fully-fledged sustainable textile manufacturing company that serves  primarily our community, the continent and the diaspora with alternative style fabric and garments.


Our mission is to gradually become an option within the wardrobe space of men and women alike by sharing a very bit of our story through our sustainable expression prints and garments.